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We are proud to provide organic, pharmaceutical grade medical cannabis to patients throughout the world. We use organic fertilizers, enhanced water treatment, and a hand cut and curing process in laboratory sized grow rooms with precise climate controlled environments.


With over 20 years experience in the medical marijuana industry our team consists of the top consulting firms and legal firms operating in the medical cannabis market. Our Master Growers are from BC Canada delivering award winning products and a solid reputation in being the best at what they do.


Okanagan Cultivators proudly supports the medical industries very best, bringing you better cannabis every time. We are cultivators and distributors with direct access to patients in need of quality medical cannabis products. We operate cultivation facilities in Canada and Europe with further expansion plans in the Caribbean.


Okanagan Cultivators Cannabis is a level of quality that simply cannot be matched by other commercial cannabis companies. We are currently licenced in Canada and Europe for cannabis cultivation.


Organic Quality, Compassionate Care

We cultivate organic pharmaceutical grade medical cannabis. Our mission is to provide accessible cannabis products you can trust as an alternative, natural way of healing without using industrialized pharmaceuticals. We have over 30 strains available of the highest quality medical cannabis, each with its own unique healing properties.


What we can do for you

Craft Craft cannabis is a level of quality that simply cannot be matched through mass production. We use laboratory sized air sealed climatized grow rooms, living soil, specialized water treatment, and a hand cut slow cured drying process that ensures a premium product. We bring out the best in preserving cannabis terpenes and ensuring the plant delivers its full potential as a medical grade product for our customers.

Made In Canada

Master Growers in British Columbia

We’re premium cultivators, master growers in British Columbia, Canada and we are proud of the reputation for the quality of BC bud that we helped develop. Our growers from Okanagan BC are Master Growers, we collaborate in an exclusive co-op network that has been in operation since the 1960’s. We deploy the best to our cultivation sites which ensures our product is a true premium product grown by the best in the business. We offer profit participation, not salaried positions paid to armature or average growers with less than 20 years experience.


Rather than a vast open-air facility, we custom-built small Craft Cannabis laboratory-grade growing rooms. Each room houses a single strain, allowing us to provide optimal growing conditions for Organic Medical Cannabis. All our products are grown in a 100% organic cultivation process.


Okanagan Cultivators has established relationships with a multitude of companies that support our operational plan. We rely on our partners to provide expertise in, consulting, supply, and distribution.

Remedy Pharmacy, Dentons legal, Morgan Stanley and Montana Holdings are key partners for Okanagan Cultivators.


Our cannabis wellness concept will exist at each of our properties in Canada, Okanagan Valley, The Bahamas and Greece. This is where doctors and patients come together to enjoy a purified healing and rejuvenation process that consist of diet, exercise, relaxation and reverberation through our unique doctor endorsed cannabis wellness program.


All of our products are 100% organic. We do not work with any part of the ingredient that is not organically grown throughout the process. Our products are checked for authenticity and remain true to nature in every respect. We have over 30 strains of select strains we choose to grow as Pharmaceutical Grade Medical Cannabis


Okanagan Cultivators creates brands for organic products and partners with other organic brands for the market. Holy Smoke and Wildflower are two brands that are 100% owned by Okanagan Cultivators.


Okanagan Cultivators ensures accurate product testing by independent sources. Patients provide valuable data for our products and validate the results. We collaborate within a recognized network of cannabis Doctors. We provide accessible cannabis products you can trust as an alternative, natural way of healing without using industrialized pharmaceuticals.


The Silversage Cultivation Facility

Cultivation in the Okanagan valley British Columbia offers a perfect environment built on Canada’s reputation of master growers. A beautiful landscape filled with glacial lakes and rivers in a pristine wilderness all too common for Canada.

An opportunity to be a part of our company.


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